Font Hate and Comic Sans Logos

Font Hate and Comic Sans Logos

There are a number of typefaces that invoke designers to vomit; Brush Script, Times New Roman, Courier and Papyrus, however none of these are as hated as Comic Sans.

The dreaded Comic Sans

Why would designers hate a font?

Some simply dislike the look of a particular font, as just a few characters can ruin the entire typeface.

Any typeface that becomes too popular risks being hated sooner or later, usually by the designers who have to stare at them all day. This is why some of the most hated fonts also appear in best or most popular fonts. Familiarity breeds contempt.

Most often it’s the usage of the font in the wrong situation. Comic Sans should not be used for medical essay headings. Papyrus should not be used, even for florists or beauty salons.

The misuse of typefaces most commonly occurs with default or operating system fonts as they are the most accessible through quality graphics programs like Publisher or Powerpoint.

Thankfully support groups are taking action to stop the abuse. have made a petition to remove comic sans from Gmail so that it may never be used as Gmail paragraph text again.

The hate has spilled out on internet forums everywhere…

“The AOL of fonts”
“Comic Sans is the dirty bastard of the design world.”
“An e-mail written in this font makes the sender seem ridiculous and out of touch.”
“I honestly think when I see Comic Sans that the person has a lower than average intelligence level.”
“It’s not that it’s a terrible font – it’s rather that it suits non-designers far better than those with a sense of the aesthetic would like.”

I took a few minutes to consider what the world would be like if everything was written in Comic Sans. Then I stumbled upon, or rather tumblrd upon, the Comic Sans Project. This is quite an interesting project dedicated to defending (or mocking) Comic Sans.

So, I decided to make a few Comic Sans logos myself.

Needless to say, I do not support the use of this font for anything other than 8 year old girls writing about unicorns…

1 Comment to “Font Hate and Comic Sans Logos”

  1. Richard Hayden says:

    Simon Garfield shares your comments on Comic Sands in his book “Just My Type” – and I agree with both of you

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