Phillips Augmented Reality Mugs

Phillips Augmented Reality Mugs

This is augmented reality.

A camera records the real world or shoe in this case, a computer program changes or adds effects to the image and on screen you see augmented reality; a blend of reality and fiction. Xbox Kinect has been doing this for a while and lately they have created some pretty amazing interactive content. Adidas were able to use your new (Adidas) shoe as a game controller – when you connect to the content on their website.

Augmented reality is just starting to catch on in Australia. You might have seen News Limited release their app over the weekend, integrating their newspaper into your iPhone or iPad.

That was just the beginning, for example CommBank have created an iPhone app which shows you real estate data for the house you hold your phone at – what it last sold for, expected current valuation and most importantly what it would cost you in repayments. At this stage the only thing that lets it down is lack of data in the app for most areas.

The technology is there and it’s only a matter of time before we’re wearing glasses or contact lenses that do the same. We will be fed all sorts of information displayed alongside what we see… everything from prices, calorie count and product reviews in the supermarket to facial recognition including names, numbers or status updates.

This brings me to Phillips. They had a problem, Taiwanese men think that grooming is just about cleanness.

Over 73% of Taiwanese men prefer a clean-shaven look.

In order to increase penetration of Philips grooming kits, an ad company has created the “Low-tech Augmented Reality Mugs.” A new way to see what you look like with facial hair…

No Apps, no downloads, no wireless? No problem. Yes it’s a joke and one that is probably only going to draw attention from within the industry, but it’s my video of the day.

2 Comments to “Phillips Augmented Reality Mugs”

  1. Roger says:

    It’s a great case study, but pretty poor idea. So, I can’t see it going viral with the public. They could have also tried AR Glasses:

  2. Mark says:

    I agree. The video is only at 24k views thus far – I suspect mainly generated through advertising blogs.

    I think it’s the same with most AR technology… after the money has been spent, I am left wondering what the adoption rates are.

    It mustn’t have been too successful for News Limited as they didn’t run any AR “explore here” zones this Sunday. Was it a one week wonder? I was actually disappointed because I was one of the few(?) who downloaded the app last week.

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