Team Quirk Campaign Wrap-up

Team Quirk Campaign Wrap-up

Many thanks to all who passed favourable comment on our recent Team Quirk campaign for the Brisbane City Council elections. For us, it was a pleasure to work with a Campaign Manager with so much political ‘nouse’ that the job was one of simply following directions and staying on budget.

It may have been a whole different story had the campaign drifted into the same negative territory that we saw in the State Elections. And, in some ways we were disappointed that we didn’t get the chance to exercise some writing skills on some ‘attack and counter attack’ commercials. However, knowing our adversary’s background…

the plan was to produce high end commercials with a simple and constant message and, to that end, we were more than happy with the result.

Special thanks go to Peter Cupples who wrote a catchy and memorable melody to fit the Team Quirk positioning statements. Peter went above and beyond the brief and was a gentleman to deal with throughout the early creative process; how refreshing to deal with someone who has the runs on the board but doesn’t feel the need to tell you about it.

Whilst on the subject of gentlemen, Graham Quirk was, at all times, accommodating and a great subject during our various shoots. We all gained a clearer understanding of just how demanding public life can be while we were juggling his and our schedules in the early weeks of the campaign.

Finally, sincerest thanks to Isaiah Saunders and Haami Azordegan from InVision Media and to Graham and Cam on the impressive RED camera. Haami put a sun in the sky where there was no sun; gave us colours that were outstanding when the weather was dull grey plus a host of other goodies in post production that we didn’t expect. Haami, you’re a genius!

So, for those who saw and appreciated a positive campaign and gave us the positive feedback that we sought, thank you. And, thank you most of all to Greg Bowden, Campaign Manager, for having the belief in us to pull off a memorable and successful campaign.

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