Time to Get Happy

Time to Get Happy

It’s time to get happy again; to forget that 2012 may not have been the best year for a lot of us in the advertising industry. Fortunately, we have held our head above water and continue to do so. Alas, many other agencies haven’t fared so well; every day Mumbrella reports retrenchments, downsizing, bankruptcies and takeovers; client dissatisfaction and therefore restlessness. As a result of all this and despite having a year that was a successful one (albeit a rollercoaster ride) I have found myself getting caught up in all the misery, the uncertainty, the lack of optimism.

So, we’re going to get happy again.

2013 will be the year that we again start taking risks, for ourselves and for our clients. I plan not to listen to anyone who wants to stifle a good idea; I plan to embrace change and to educate myself to my utmost ability in the science of new technologies, new media, new directions, new ideologies; and I plan to do it with fierce determination.

Mostly, however, I plan to rediscover the fun that is advertising. Not the “zany”, “wacky”, “wild” cliched fun that radio station promotions departments adhere to their breakfast zoos or cages or crews but the genuine self satisfaction that comes with having a laugh with colleagues or clients, sharing a concept that seems whimsical or ridiculous and not being afraid to do so; believing in goodness and honesty and integrity in myself, our office staff and our clients.

So… there it is, heart on sleeve. They say you shouldn’t make promises in case you don’t keep them. So, let’s not call this a promise nor a New Year’s resolution. Let’s just call it an “awakening”. Too philosophical? Wanker? I don’t care! See you in 2013.

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