Top 5 Viral Videos – May ’12

Top 5 Viral Videos – May ’12

The creation of YouTube has resulted in a new genre of video advertising, one which has succeeded on its ability to captivate, motivate, trick or entertain viewers and subsequently be passed around. There’s one thing that you can’t argue with when it comes to “viral videos” – the success is very measurable. The advertising strategy must have some merit if it engages consumers to the point that they actively seek it in droves.

This is a selection of the latest viral marketing videos.


Sometimes it takes something a little crazy to go viral. Volkswagen gathered ideas from the people of China to help innovate the future of their vehicles. One girl’s idea for a hover car “became a reality.”

No.5 Volkswagen’s The People’s Car Project – 1,136,568 views


Not necessarily creative, but just since I saw Shawshank Redemption again on the weekend…

No.4 Visa: Go World 2012 3,343,027 views (15sec)


This is what you expect of a viral video – sex, drama, that old spice guy and an unlikely twist.

No. 3 Samsung: Seductive Motion 5,835,422 views


Doesn’t appeal to me, but a heck of a lot of people are watching Anderson Silva and Steven Seagal come toe to toe. Well nearly. A bit anticlimactic when viewed on it’s own, but we’ll see where the campaign goes.

No. 2 Budweiser: The Great Preparation 11,493,835 views

Nike, shows that you can buy viral status with the right production budget. This video celebrates the Euro Football championship finals. The best thing about this is how it prompts the viewer to find the “hidden tunnels.” When you view this on the Nike channel you can click into other links that appear for a second on mouse over throughout the video.

No.1 Nike Football: My Time is Now 15,597,458 views

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  1. Jordan says:

    That’s a nice post, I like the Nike one.

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