About Us

Ross Davie Advertising opened its doors in July, 1996 as a boutique, full service agency. Since that date, RDA has successfully created and placed hundreds of campaigns over a vast media landscape but specialising primarily in radio and television. Clients have included motor dealers, financial planners, a number of not for profit organisations, insurance, the taxi industry, home improvement companies, electronics, government departments, food and beverage retailers, retirement living and the travel industry. The vast majority of clientele have been with the agency since day one.

Ross Davie Advertising works in conjunction with a number of television and radio production houses for larger campaigns but produces almost everything else in-house. The agency has both creative and buying expertise and is accredited with all areas of the media nationally. All campaigns are planned, negotiated and bought in-house. Numerous industry awards have been collected over many years both during the life of the agency and throughout the years prior but we’re not about winning awards, we’re about winning you customers.

The agency prides itself on the many memorable and often humorous concepts that have helped clients climb above the regular offerings on electronic media. If you are sick and tired of your valuable advertising dollars being chewed up by the big boys; if your media strategist has no ‘real world’ experience or simply if you’ve had enough of talking with four or five departments for ever minor detail, call us. Likewise, if you’re trying to co ordinate appointments day in, day out with an army of media reps in order to put your campaign in place, you can unload all the paperwork, meetings and phone calls on us. We thrive on it!

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