Why Radio Advertising Works

Radio is sound. There are no pictures. Most agencies see this as a disadvantage… we don’t.

On radio you can make trains collide, ships sink, babies cry, crowds scream, whole cities crumble to dust, aliens invade from outer space and possibly even describe the end of the world as we know it! Try doing that with your production budget on a television screen and for less than a thousand dollars!

Radio is everywhere. It’s listened to live and in podcast, in the car and in the home, at morning and at night, alone and with friends and it’s usually the medium consumed closest to the point of purchase. Radio gives you the power to not only be heard on your way to a store, but sometimes even in your competitors’ stores.

Ross Davie Advertising buys more radio advertising than most of the “big” agencies because it’s our area of expertise…we know radio like no one in Brisbane… no one in Australia. Ross Davie has worked in and around radio stations since 1980 in Sydney and Brisbane, on and off the air and only ever in the flagship program, Breakfast. He has worked in sales, marketing, promotions, production and creative…every job description in the industry. He has won five Goldie Awards for Best Commercial Metropolitan, two Goldie Awards for Character Voice Talent Metropolitan, a National Raward for Best Commercial in Australia and has been a finalist in various industry awards over many years on many other occasions.

A sales and creative radio background is essential in planning a radio campaign.

Some say that radio is the most difficult medium of all to buy. We don’t… because we know radio.

If you’re looking for a chance to impact a select demographic or psychographic and you don’t have a television budget, radio is your medium.