Why Television Advertising Works

Advertising on television provides some of the broadest reach of any media available. It is still the only way you can guarantee that hundreds of thousands of people will view your ad. Whilst we love the possibilities of digital media, television is still the most effective mass marketing medium. Television advertising is a marketing tool that almost any business should use to its advantage.

However, many businesses don’t consider television because they feel it may be too expensive. Small business owners usually feel that television is for national businesses with huge ad budgets. But there are real opportunities for small businesses on free to air television due to the recent digital offerings from the major networks, lower production costs as technology and techniques become more affordable and the current “soft” advertising market.

There are always active buyers in the market, doing their research on buying your product or service… and this creates the potential for immediate results, however, often the long term benefit is the brand recall and familiarity that give your brand the advantage with prospects over 3-6 months or more.

Television advertising only becomes expensive if you take a shotgun approach, so it’s important to do your research and fine tune your target market.

We recommend doing this as much as possible before investing in a campaign. We actively look at the make-up of a station’s viewing audience across times and programs using up to date survey information from OzTam. Once we’ve developed a strategy that reaches your target audience, we’re well on the way to implementing a great campaign for you.

Because of the competitiveness of television today, many stations offer very affordable rate packages for small businesses. Right now is a great time to be on television! As a full service agency, we allow our clients to be as hands on or off with this process as they like. We work with our clients to decide on their target market then they can leave the buying completely to us, choose to view reports or be involved equally in the spot by spot campaign planning.